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This year our students are facing unique emotional realities that may interfere with their motivation, academic progress, and emotional issues. Responsiveness is at the heart of caring and is also at the heart of teaching in our schools. Understanding that now, more than ever, our students need a culture of belonging, connection, and care, we have continued to work together to learn more about emotional poverty. Learn how Emotional Poverty in all Demographics has given our team tools and strategies to respond to our students.

Learning objectives include:

  • Learn how Emotional Poverty training has been beneficial to our campus culture.
  • Hear the strategies and tools that have developed emotional competence and strength in our students.
  • Learn about awareness of adults’ emotional realities and how school staff can participate in the safety and well-being of students and the campus.

Norma Vijeila

Principal, Learn4Life

aha! Process National Consultant

—Inglewood, California