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Who is Nicole J. Baptiste?

Nicole J. Baptiste, LMSW was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a dedicated licensed social worker, Nicole has more than 10 years of experience working in health and human services. Nicole’s expertise is in program development, community building, and community engagement. She adopts a creative and strategic approach to linking and leveraging community resources. Nicole is the founder of Uproot and Build and consults with nonprofit and healthcare organizations in developing innovative community engagement strategies.

Nicole J. Baptiste’s credentials, degrees, and certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, State University of New York at Albany
  • Master of Social Work (MACRO concentration), State University of New York at Albany
  • Lean Six Sigma, Yellow Belt

Nicole J. Baptiste’s Work History

  • Uproot and Build, Founder
  • Resident Director/Programming Coordinator
  • Advisory Board Member, County Department of Senior Services and Long-Term Care
  • Board Member, Community Fathers, Inc.
  • Hospital Director, Social Work Services
  • Health Services Navigator, Medical Home
  • Patient Navigator, NYS Health Home
  • Program Coordinator, Community Service Program
  • Community Services Navigator/Senior Case Manager
  • Assistant Director, Youth Development Program

Nicole J. Baptiste’s aha! moment

When I worked as a patient navigator at a community hospital in upstate New York, I was called into the emergency room by a doctor and nurse to assist an uninsured patient who had returned to the facility for the third time in less than one month. On my way to the patient’s room, the ER nurse mumbled, “If the patient would spend her money on prescriptions instead of cigarettes, she would not be here.” I had recently shifted my paradigm through the Bridges Out of Poverty training and had developed an understanding of the mental model of poverty. I decided to engage the patient differently, and she disclosed that she was homeless, living illegally with her daughter and grandchildren in public housing. It was at that moment I realized: In order to be fully effective, I must develop an understanding of one’s concrete experience.

Nicole J. Baptiste’s passion

My passions include growing spiritually and serving in my local church and community. I am passionate about community building, and my vision is that a fully engaged community has the potential to develop into a vibrant and healthy community. I enjoy learning about different cultures and languages, which drives a deeper passion for traveling.

Nicole J. Baptiste’s best training

My best training is with physicians and nurses, coaching them to develop accurate mental models of poverty. In a sense, through an aha! moment, they develop their own understanding of the impacts of social determinants on health and health outcomes.

What does Nicole J. Baptiste do for fun?

I am a dedicated servant and enjoy working in my local church. I also truly enjoy experiencing new cultures, foods, and languages. I love to learn about the differences in other people; in doing so, I always learn how we are more similar than different.