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Jim Littlejohn of Columbia, South Carolina, has taught at the middle school, high school, and graduate school level and has served as department chair (social studies), athletic director, and coach. He served two years as a teacher in residence for the South Carolina Center for Teacher Recruitment (CERRA), where he served as professional development specialist.

Jim spent four years as a plant supervisor for Rachlin Furniture before returning to college to complete his degrees. He is currently the president of P.E.A.C.E. Skills, Inc. and has been providing training and consulting in the areas of conflict and anger management, classroom management, peer mediation, interpersonal relations, team building, brain-based learning, and school crisis management.

Jim was Lexington/Richland District 5 (South Carolina) Teacher of the Year and was identified as an “Outstanding Young Educator” by the local and South Carolina Jaycees. He has been a ski coach for Team USA Special Olympics and the South Carolina Special Olympics. The South Carolina governor has named him a “Hero for Children.”

Through aha! Process Jim provides training and consulting services for Emotional Poverty, Bridges Out of Poverty, Boys in Crisis, Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Research-Based Strategies, Motivation, Dropout Prevention, 9 Systemic Processes, Coaching for Social Studies Curriculum, Classroom Discipline, and Working with Parents.

What are people saying about Jim?

Bridges Training, Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center
“I feel like a Christmas tree because of all the light bulbs that were turning on in my mind, but more importantly, Jim warmed my heart.”
“Thank you for the amazing training that you did at our conference in Minneapolis. The surveys that we have back are full of positive comments.”

Framework Training, Titusville, Pennsylvania
“I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation as the keynote speaker. The information you provided on the 10 action steps for teachers to take in order to positively influence students and families who come from poverty was very beneficial. In addition, your use of real-life stories in the presentation provided a visual authenticity, creating a better understanding of poverty impact and issues.” –Superintendent

Boys in Crisis Training, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
“You may have saved my teaching career as well as my marriage! I had no idea about the significant differences in how females and males deal with emotions.”

Boys in Crisis Training, Grand Rapids, Michigan
“The information you shared today during your outstanding presentation should be required for all teachers as well as parents. Your personal and humorous approach made what I thought was going to be a long day become my best professional development day in 22 years of teaching. Thank you!”

Boys in Crisis Training, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
“WOW! What a great Saturday! Such a powerful day of training today! Happy teachers on a Saturday! I will admit I am a little teary after reading the evaluations. In a good way! Stellar reviews, and comments are amazing. Thank you again for what you do. You are changing lives by changing teachers.”
“I will stop and think more about students’ home lives and how that could affect school before I jump to conclusions. I have a few students who I have jumped to conclusions with this year. I will be more conscious before I assume they are up to no good.”
“I will use the info with my own son and working with boys who are sent to me with behavior problems. Best in-service ever!”
“Great session! Well worth a Saturday! ☺”