One-Page Bio 

Who is Dan?

Dan Jennings has worked simultaneously for 25 years in public education and 20 years in state corrections as an educator, technologist and data analyst. Dan is executive director of HagermanForward, a nonprofit working to bring helping organizations together to build resources for individuals in poverty. Currently a Hagerman (New Mexico) town councilor, Dan is leader and county connector for the 100% Chaves County Initiative, which has a mission to ensure that every family can access high-quality services in 10 sectors to support trauma-free childhoods, resilient families, and well-resourced communities. He currently also serves on the executive board of Emerge Solutions, a professional learning network of individuals sharing ideas, best practices, and tools to help stabilize individuals and communities.

Credentials, degrees

  • Level II vocational secondary technical teaching license

Work history

  • New Mexico Corrections Department, Roswell Correctional Center, 1999–2020
  • Hagerman Municipal Schools, 1996–2021

Dan’s aha! moment

While facilitating Getting Ahead while Getting Out to a cohort of inmates, the investigators came to the realization that their community was the prison. After that day, they created a self-help club focused on improving the lives of those incarcerated there by creating programming and mentoring others.


Catalyzing others to launch programs that impact their community.

Best training

Presenting at the Addressing The Challenges of Poverty national conference in 2021 on creating a new re-entry system for returning citizens.

What does Dan do for fun?

I love to cook, so there’s a good chance that you can find me trying new recipes and sharing food.