Chuck Holt

Who is Chuck?

Growing up in poverty has impacted Chuck in profound ways and has given him a compelling and personally relevant perspective on how organizations and communities address poverty. He has been the president and CEO of The Factory Ministries, a faith-based social services organization in Paradise, Pennsylvania, since 2006. Chuck has built his organization on the foundation of the Bridges Out of Poverty framework.

Along with other key leaders, Chuck has built a community collaborative of more than 70 organizations from all sectors of the community. Chuck consults and trains on topics of addressing poverty, community collaboration, and strategic planning. Chuck is passionate about people and believes that everyone’s journey matters. He and his wife, Claudia, have had 24 foster children, raised five adopted children, and have three grandchildren.

Chuck’s aha! moment

“It’s hard to just pick one moment because I feel like I have them continually! I think the one that stands out the most was when I was in Atlanta for my Bridges certification. I was completely overwhelmed by the information shared! It gave me so much perspective on how my life growing up in poverty has affected me and how the hidden rules of class have shaped who I am. In a very real way, all my life experiences came together and were summarized in Bridges and A Framework for Understanding Poverty.”

Chuck’s passions

“I am passionate about people. My motto is: “Everyone’s journey matters.” I love connecting on the journey with others and helping them find meaning and purpose in their life experiences and circumstances. Because of this, I love teaching and training, and I am super passionate about Bridges and Framework. I love my family dearly, and my two grandkids have me wrapped around their little fingers!”

Chuck’s best training

“Whether training a small group of 10, a large audience of 300, the leadership team of a national agency, or a room full of community partners, each training has been unique and has taught me so much about the great work in addressing issues of poverty all across our country.”

What does Chuck do for fun?

“I enjoy spending time with people, building relationships, drinking coffee, cycling, snow, watching football—but most of all I enjoy time with my wife and two granddaughters.”

What are people saying about Chuck?

“Chuck’s authentic approach to being vulnerable, sharing his own life experiences, and strategically building connections to key learning points in the training made him one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with in quite some time. Chuck was able to build a relationship with all 115 people in the audience in some remarkable way—that only Chuck can do!”

–Jill Koser Community Action Partnership, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Chuck is the ultimate collaborator in Lancaster County. United Way funds the Together Partnership because he lives and breathes the five components of Collective Impact: shared vision, activities, communication, outcomes, and backbone support. Chuck is an upbeat and optimistic collaborator, speaker, and trainer.”

Sue Suter, President and CEO, United Way of Lancaster County

“Chuck is incredibly relational in his speaking and training, regardless of the group size. He has a way of addressing the complexity of poverty and making everyone understand the multiple layers of poverty, no matter your personal experience with it. As a community collaborator, he is transparent and open to feedback and focusing on the greater needs of the community. Chuck’s strength-based approach to supporting local families, schools, churches, and organizations encourages others to push outside their comfort zone and creates stronger support systems.”

Erin Conahan, Coordinator, School, Family, and Community Partnerships, School District of Lancaster

“Chuck is a very engaging presenter and speaker. His understanding of poverty is extraordinary—from personal experience, to leading an organization to address poverty, to activating his community to embrace the challenge of ‘moving the needle.’ His deep compassion, articulate message, and realistic approach are a model for institutions and communities.”

–Ruby Payne, Founder and CEO, aha! Process

“The Pequea Valley School District community has been extremely fortunate to have Chuck Holt be a part of our team! He has led Bridges Out of Poverty professional development for our faculty, and even more importantly, he has been instrumental in mediating positive relationships with under-resourced families and the school district. Chuck has an intangible character quality that allows him to relate to all stakeholders and facilitate productive collaboration. As a speaker he is riveting in telling his personal story and how his journey has brought him to the Pequea Valley community.”

Richard D. Eby, Assistant to the Superintendent, Pequea Valley School District

“Chuck has helped Pequea Valley School District exponentially. He has worked with all of our educators and made them better and more compassionate facilitators for students in poverty. His enthusiasm and vision for under-resourced families and children is the main reason we are doing more than ever for impoverished children. As the superintendent of the district, I am proud to call Chuck Holt a teammate and a friend.”

–Erik Orndorff, Superintendent, Pequea Valley School District

“Chuck is an engaging communicator with experience, empathy, and insight. He has the unique ability to blend his deep personal convictions with professional expertise that makes a real difference. You won’t be disappointed to have Chuck speak at your event.”

–Tim Rogers, Lead Pastor, Grace Point Church