This workshop moves from understanding the what and why of under-resourced college students to developing how-to teaching and program-design strategies for success.

Training Prerequisites: none

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Do you have the privilege of guiding first-generation college students on their academic journey?

Are there instances when your students struggle with sorting, planning, and completing classroom projects on time?

Have you encountered students facing unique circumstances that lead them to sleep in their cars in the parking lot?

We understand that institutions of higher learning face a diverse set of challenges, and we’re excited to share with you our highly acclaimed workshop. Tailored specifically for faculty and staff at postsecondary institutions, this workshop offers a systematic, research-backed approach to increase retention and graduation rates. It focuses on supporting your most at-risk students while also addressing the needs of under-resourced students.

Here’s a preview of what this transformative workshop includes:

  • An exploration of comprehensive research, instruction, and training design that will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the daily environments some students navigate
  • Innovative strategies designed to empower under-resourced students and help them excel in the classroom, on campus, and in their personal lives
  • The untapped potential within under-resourced students and their means to harness it for positive change within your institution and their communities

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to revolutionize your institution’s approach to student success.