Training Prerequisites: none

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Searching for ways to recruit, retain, and graduate more students? With the assistance of aha! Process key workshops, consultants, and strategic strategies, watch a shift of mindsets of students, faculty, and staff—a shift that will inform, stabilize, grow, and lead to stronger outcomes for the center and the students.

Key components of the trainings include:

  • Inform educational leaders of the current realities so they will advocate for better policy.
  • Help stabilize and improve the lives of under-resourced individuals in the Job Corps Center, providing them the capacity to expand their own resource bases and achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Provide today’s key brain research geared toward decreasing “triggering” situations and improving both the academic and Career Pathway processes and outcomes.
  • Provide the Job Corps Center with multiple pathways to improve retention rates while increasing completed Career Pathway training percentages before separation.
  • Enable staff to better understand the realities faced by individuals who are living in daily instability.

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