Ruth Weirich

About Ruth Weirich

Ruth Weirich has provided insight into the overall corporate strategies of divisions and companies for 30 years. She received her M.B.A. from Colorado State and her B.A. in Business Administration from Goshen College. By maximizing an organization’s operating performance and achieving its financial goals, Ruth has held responsibilities ranging from communicating with and leading all stakeholders to preparing operating budgets to overseeing a strategic plan. Ruth is an active listener, a critical thinker, and has quick judgment and decision making skills. Weirich recently was president of aha! Process. Working for a small company allowed her to have a hands-on experience with all the strategic projects the organization developed.

Did I make a bad hiring mistake? The Unspoken Cues and Habits of a Group—the Rules That Break Relationships at Work

2022-06-13T16:06:41-05:00June 13th, 2022|aha! Moments, Workplace|

Hidden rules, as defined by author and speaker Ruby Payne, are the unspoken rule [...]

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