“Getting Ahead is basically a life skills program that gives you tools and information to be self-sustaining and non-dependent on agencies,” says Norman Anglin. Anglin is a Getting Ahead graduate and a clerk with the Vermilion County Board in Danville, Illinois. He obtained his position after he was recognized for his leadership skills during the 15-week Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World curriculum.

Anglin, who has lived in Danville all his life, has been in his current position for more than two years. According to this article from Inside Vermilion County, Anglin “takes care of what is needed and appreciates the comradery and healthy environment of the county board chair’s office.”

Anglin is also a strong supporter of getting others involved in the Getting Ahead program. In his professional role and at home in his neighborhood, he never misses an opportunity to encourage others to investigate the impact of poverty on themselves and their communities.

Read the original uplifting piece in the article from Inside Vermilion County.