Do you have students who, due to their unique circumstances, sometimes find themselves sleeping in their car in the parking lot?

Do you have the privilege of guiding first-generation college students on their academic journey?

Do your students sometimes struggle with sorting, planning, and completing classroom projects on time?

We recognize the challenges that institutions of higher learning encounter, which is why we’re excited to provide our highly recommended on-demand workshop. This workshop is tailor-made for faculty and staff at postsecondary institutions who aim to implement a systematic, research-backed approach to enhance retention and graduation rates, particularly for their most at-risk students, as well as the rest of their under-resourced students.

Here’s a quick preview:

  • Take a deep dive into comprehensive research, instruction, and training materials that will equip you with an excellent understanding of the daily environments some students come from.
  • Acquire innovative strategies to empower under-resourced students to thrive in the classroom, on campus, and in their personal lives.
  • Discover the incredible potential within under-resourced students and how they can channel that potential for positive change on campus and within their communities.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your institution’s approach to student success. Participate in this on-demand workshop to create a brighter future for your students today!

Duration: 4 hours 23 minutes