We invite you, the practitioners of the work, to submit an article about your application of Bridges, Getting Ahead, Framework, or Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students for Volume II of From Vision to Action-Best Practices to reduce the impact of poverty in communities, education, healthcare and more.  See the Volume 1 description and find it for sale in the store here.

We are seeking articles of 1500-3000 words, answers these questions at a minimum:

1)      What was the challenge?

2)      How did you meet the challenge?

3)      What sectors of your community were involved?

4)      What results did you get? (be as specific as possible)

If interested, please submit your ideas, article, or questions about your article to Peg Conrad at pconrad@ahaprocess.com

We are also seeking a peer review committee of 5 practitioners to read and select articles for this publication. The review committee members again will be named with a short bio in the front matter in the publication. If you are interested, please submit your name and particulars to Peg Conrad at pconrad@ahaprocess.com.

As announced at the 2013 Addressing the Challenges conference, all profits from the book will go to support the work of Advancing Bridges, a newly established non-profit group with the mission to change the way people think about poverty, and act on their beliefs. Al Rivett is the president of the board.