FW399 – Understanding Hispanic/Latino Students and Their Parents

Hispanic/Latino students have the highest dropout rate. Many experience cultural tension in school when behaviors are misinterpreted as rude or disengaged but are actually a result of cultural upbringing. This workshop provides an understanding of hidden rules in the Hispanic/Latino culture and of issues that Hispanics/Latinos encounter in public schools. Participants will learn strategies to enable students and parents to improve academics and socialization. Watch this one minute video to learn more:

Presenter: Ruben Perez

RubenPerezRubén G. Perez is a national consultant and has been working in education since 1988. Throughout his career he has worked with students in grades K–12.  His background includes general education, English language learners, curriculum development, dropout prevention, academic outreach in Section 8 housing, behavioral interventions, and organizing summits on race relations.


“I have been in education for 32 years. This is the best in-service I have ever been to since the beginning of my career. I hope to have your level of passion when I retire in the next hundred years.”

“I thought I knew more than I did. I now see I have lots to learn about how to motivate students. I honestly thought they were the ones who needed to change. I now see I’m the one who needs to look in the mirror first. Thank you!”

“Ruben is an excellent presenter!” 

“Absolutely wonderful! Thought-provoking and instantly applicable to our schools!” 

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