Pre-K to Grade 2 – Preventive Discipline and Students out of Control

What do we do when the student who is out of control is between four and seven years old? It’s hard to reason with a child who has limited vocabulary and little ability to tell us what is really going on in their mind. Behavior is an emotional response; it is not about logic.

This workshop will provide very specific strategies for helping prevent disruptive behaviors and for what to do when one child occupies everyone’s time and energy. States are now making laws that prohibit the suspension of young students. We must become better at helping our younger students develop emotional stability. It can be done through focused activities that are fun and engaging while relevant to developing stronger social skills. We also share administrative structures that produce better coordination for containing behaviors—we get everyone on the same page.

This workshop, usually lasting one day, is also offered in a two-day format. Day 1 is for administrators and focuses on what they can do to optimize staff productivity, lessen stress, and motivate staff to keep the student as the top priority. Leadership is the single most critical element when dealing with students who demand focused attention. Day 1 also covers what teachers will learn on Day 2. Day 2 is for teachers and staff members and focuses on specific strategies for starting off with a proactive mindset and for dealing with emotional outbursts.

Ruben Perez has a wealth of experience as a behavioral specialist and interventionist in public schools. He brings a fresh, practical approach to addressing the behavioral needs of young children.