CAA210 – Principles of Effective Pedagogy in the Classroom and on Campus

Many who teach in higher education are experts in their fields, but teaching effectiveness requires subject knowledge and teaching skills. Expertise is just one critical component.

What is the other critical component? Pedagogical ability.

Many “informal teachers” on campus—administrators, staff, advisors—are experts in their areas and in the hidden rules of campus. However, they need pedagogical ability—the ability to share information effectively with students—if they are to help students succeed.

Topics include:

  • Achievement-based and relationship-driven instruction
  • Development of resources for struggling students
  • Clear strategies for input skills, student engagement, and improved outcomes

This workshop equips college instructors, administrators, and staff with an enhanced understanding of pedagogy. Includes additional principles specific to under-resourced students and a plan to apply effective pedagogy in daily work.

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