shelf unbound magazine book awards coverCongratulations to Ruth Weirich, creator of the professional development book and workshop Workplace Stability. The book is a tool for human resources personnel, managers, and executives with entry-level, low-wage employees that was named a Top 100 Notable Indie Book in the Shelf Unbound 2018 Indie Best Awards.

Shelf Unbound is an independent publishing magazine that gives out its book awards annually. This year’s winner is a detective novel set in Tokyo called The Last Train. Finalist Chad Gordon says of his book Wealth by Virtue, “In my observation, most people share a central fear: that at some point in their lives, they will need money and not have it. Wealth is the absence of that fear. Wealth by Virtue is a comprehensive explanation of our financial world.”

Other nonfiction titles on the Top 100 Notable list include Between Black and White by Tony Bethel, Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations by Susan Z. Finerty, and The Awakened Company by Catherine Bell.

Weirich’s Workplace Stability is right at home in this list of winners! Way to go, Ruth!

workplace stability book cover