Book-framework13_smBy Ruby Payne

Some of you are thinking—what is she doing—yet again? Just when I have that book memorized, here she goes.

Why would you want to reread it?

It is time for a major update. The case studies are new—as is the research that is cited (though we retained many of the original citations), as is the enhanced information on instruction and achievement, and how to better support families during an economic downturn.  I have added information that will address some of the criticism and some of the holes that were there. Is it now perfect? No. It is an update.

Presenters, and consultants, you will want to see what is updated and what is new. Additionally, there are several pieces of research that can be used when you present that you may not have been using; we have already e-mailed about those details.

The work has moved from its infancy to adolescence, and it is a somewhat different entity now. In short, the work is evolving, just as each of us is.

I would be very interested in hearing from you about the changes and your work.  Message me on Facebook. Please remember that I cannot respond to each of you in detail nor necessarily in a timely fashion. But I do read them and think about them.

I am currently working on four books: a business book, one on healthcare, one on emotional resources, and one on moving students to expertise.

And as some of you know, I am engaged and getting married this summer. His name is Tee Bowman; he is a CPA in Corpus Christi.

I hope you are doing well. Love you.

Ruby Payne