Soon to be released is Why Don’t They Just Get a Job? by Liane Phillips and Echo M. Garrett. Liane and her husband Dave have provided a self-supporting model for development of human capacity in the workplace. I met the Phillips a few years back. They told me at that time that the concepts in A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Bridges Out of Poverty had been used as resources to help them understand and provide the supports needed as they assisted in transitioning folks out of poverty.

These are some of the things I like about their community development program model:

  • No government funding is used
  • The ability of the team to identify barriers to steady attendance at work, along with the creative and rapid ways in which they overcome their barriers
  • Interventions for former gang members who wish to be successful at work and gain employment
  • The nonprofit is operated in a very businesslike, no-nonsense manner
  • Each person coming to the doors of Cincinnati Works is valued for his or her unique abilities
  • They successfully place a high number of clients in jobs, especially among those from poverty and minority males

If your community is looking for another next step toward community sustainability, this replicable model is one that directly addresses the employment of those in generational poverty.

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-Ruby Payne