The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles by Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton is a quantum biologist, and his research has been done with stem cells. He looks at how environments shape cells. In his original research he put the same cells in different petri dishes and got very different results. Rather than use Newtonian concepts of science, he uses quantum—the research that looks at how relationships and energy change outcomes. I am fascinated.

What Works May Hurt: Side Effects in Education by Yong Zhao

For the last 50 years of educational practice, there has been basically no change in the gap between the achievement of students in poverty and students in educated, affluent households. In fact, the final research on Race to the Top indicated that the $7 billion dollars spent on it made no difference in student achievement. What Zhao talks about is all the unintended, damaging consequences of federal law for students. It is so true.