Change Your Brain, Change Your Life is the hard science that is happening in the correlation between brain research and behavior. Daniel Amen, the author, is a psychiatrist who uses braining imaging and scans to determine correct interventions. His book is fascinating. He has pictures of brain scans of ADHD brains, depressed brains, addiction, as well as brains damaged by concussions. If you go to, you can take a test that will tell you your brain type. It was very accurate for me.

Joe Navarro is a former FBI agent, and in What Every Body Is Saying, he talks in depth about how the body and its movements identify the stress that a person is having and whether or not they are telling the truth. He says that what you watch for is the interaction between discomfort and pacifiers. He states that when a person is uncomfortable with a question, the body will give signals that the limbic system is stressed. Almost immediately the body will engage in a pacifying behavior. He is very careful to say that no one knows all the time whether they are getting the truth or not. I was fascinated with the book because he identifies how the limbic system of the brain, the emotional center, is the most honest internal part of the body. And your feet are the most honest external part of your body! The book is fascinating.