I am going to change my sleep habits because of this book, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Walker talks about the suprachiasmatic nucleus in your brain. It picks up light samples that go from your eyes to your brain and sets your internal clock. About 40% of the population are larks (early morning people), and about 30% are night owls.

Walker goes on to say that the brain needs eight hours of sleep per night and that there is a correlation between not getting enough sleep and dementia. He talks about how closely sleep is correlated to emotional health.

For years I have gotten by on six hours of sleep a night. I am working hard to change my sleep to eight hours because of the incredible benefits.

If you have ever dealt with someone who has an addiction or you yourself have been a codependent with someone who has an addiction, this book is for you.

In Addictive Thinking, author Abraham Twerski looks at the thinking that occurs in addiction. On the part of both the addict and the codependent is obsession and control. The addict is obsessed and wants to control the addiction. The codependent is obsessed with and wants to control the person.

Twerski says, “The three most common elements in addictive thinking are (1) denial, (2) rationalization, and (3) projection.” It is so true.