2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything

If you like demographics and future trends, this book is for you. Among the topics Guillén discusses are health (obesity around the world is rising), class issues (middle class in America is shrinking), the “gray market” (the largest population in the world will be older than 60 and have 80% of the wealth), the move to cities, the increased use of cryptocurrencies, and the fact that there will be many more wealthy women by 2030. I was particularly taken by the fact that in Western countries, the birth rate is dropping significantly. Africa will have an explosion of babies, and the author has a map to remind readers how big Africa actually is—it is so big that China, the USA, Europe, the UK, and India would fit into the continent. The growth will be in Africa.

Generation Z: Unfiltered

Elmore and McPeak identify the nine challenges that are present for Generation Z, the students in middle and high school and colleges today.

“Empowerment without wisdom
Stimulation without ownership
Privilege without responsibility
Involvement without boundaries
Individualism without perspective
Accessibility without accountability
Fluidity without integrity
Opportunity without resilience
Consumption without reflection”

What makes this book particularly valuable is that for each challenge, the authors have concrete suggestions about how to address those issues. It is an excellent book.