I am in LOVE with Maisie Dobbs and her series from author Jacqueline Winspear. Mesmerized. Can’t quit reading it. Don’t want to eat. Dobbs is a “psychologist and an investigator.” I always love a whodunnit, but this series is more than that. It provides incredible insights into human nature.

The conversation is so quotable:

“Truth walks towards us on the paths of our questions.”

“The story takes up space as a knot in a piece of wood. If the knot is removed, a hole remains. We must ask ourselves, how will this hole that we have opened be filled?”

“Never follow a story with a question, not immediately. And remember to acknowledge the storyteller, for in some way even the messenger is affected by the story he brings.”

The stories she tells are so wonderful. What a treat. What a wonderful way to avoid COVID!

More quotes:

“Wisdom comes when we acknowledge what we can never know.”

“Resentment must give way to possibility, anger to acceptance, grief to compassion, disdain to respect—on both sides. I mean change, Mr. Waite. Change.”

When Maisie tells her mentor that she “should have known better,” he says to her, “Should have? Should, Maisie? Fortunately, you are a human being, and it is recognizing our own fallibility that enables us to do our work.”

Rarely do you find books that have this grace, wisdom, delightful writing style, and deep insight with such surprising endings.