Podcast: Addressing the effects of high-poverty neighborhoods

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When we want to lower highway fatalities, we test the drivers, inspect the cars, and fix the roads.

When we want to improve educational outcomes, we test the students and hold the schools accountable, but we do little about neighborhood effects of poverty. The “roads” of a high-poverty neighborhood have missing bridges, unpaved stretches, few safety signs, and washed-out sections.

Effects of high-poverty neighborhoods include:

  • Crime
  • Violence
  • Dropouts
  • Instability
  • Unemployment

In this podcast I discuss how aha! Process strategies and solutions can be used to address the effects of high-poverty neighborhoods.



Find strategies to help mediate neighborhood effects in the the newly revised and updated edition of Under-Resourced Learners.


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This post was written by Ruby Payne

  • Kate Armstrong

    I recently purchased and listened to ‘A Framework for Poverty’ from audible. The reading refers to a number of charts and rating exercises that can be accessed on this website in PDF form. I’m using this text for a class and need to have access to these parts but I’ve had very little luck sorting through the resources on the website to find the correct documents. Does anyone know where these documents can be found?