What do high school students think about Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading? Eighth-, ninth-, and eleventh-graders (names withheld) in a Midwestern high school shared these thoughts following their attendance of approximately ten hours of instruction in the use of Tucker Signing Strategies to decode words from lists of words that high school and college students should know:

“It’s like, I can read without worrying about it now.”

“When I was taking my exams, I came upon words that in the past I would have just skipped over. But then I saw tion or er or aw, and I thought, ‘Maybe I can do this.’ And I did! And I did great on my exams.”

“Dr. Tucker said the signs would look silly and it would be all right if we laughed. We did laugh and laugh, but inside I was thinking, ‘Wow, this is helping me read better.'”

“I didn’t attend many sessions. I wish I’d attended more of them.”

“My teachers and my mom said they can see improvement in my reading skills.”

“I read more now because I can.”

Students who could read independently fewer than 50% of the words on the list below at the onset of the program were selected to participate in the program. Sessions were held approximately two days a week for approximately five weeks.

As students demonstrated the ability to read most of the words on the following list, as well as other, similar words from content-area texts, they were post-tested. Some students could read 45 or more of the words independently and tested out of the program in as few as three weeks. Students who attended two or more sessions showed greater improvement in word recognition skills than those who did not attend at all.

In addition to improvement in word recognition skills, instructors noted increasingly positive attitudes among students toward program participation.

Pre- and Post-Test Wordlist

aberration                                                        accolade

affirmation                                                      auditory

belligerent                                                        benediction

cartography                                                      cerebrum

circumlocution                                                 compunction

decimate                                                          equine

eviscerate                                                         genocide

glaucoma                                                         holocaust

incarceration                                                    induction

juxtapose                                                         laceration

laudatory                                                         levitate

longevity                                                          matriculate

nautical                                                            octave

orthodox                                                          palindrome

paucity                                                             photogenic

phylum                                                             prodigy

quadrilateral                                                     quasar

rejuvenation                                                     respirator

sanction                                                           sarcophagus

scrimshaw                                                        sequester

stipulation                                                        succinct

taxonomy                                                        translucent

unction                                                            volition

warranty                                                          xylograph

yawl                                                                 zither

Want to see Tucker Signing Strategies in action? Click this link for a video demonstration.