For five years bicyclists from The Together Initiative have been traveling hundreds of miles to attend the Addressing the Challenges of Poverty conference. The conference is hosted by aha! Process and sponsors Emerge Solutions and CharityTracker and runs September 23 to 25

The bikers always start from Pequea Valley, Pennsylvania, a Bridges community that thrives because of the efforts of some of the cyclists themselves. Members of The Together Initiative have been instrumental in connecting schools, social services, and faith-based organizations to better serve people in poverty.

The Factory Ministries is a linchpin of Pequea Valley Bridges, and their blog features an in-depth writeup of the ride. From that article:

Why are you biking to Atlanta? How are you raising awareness?

The Together to Atlanta riders want to show the world how we can address poverty through community collaboration. “This ride is about so much more than biking. This is about a collection of people from the PV community, many of whom are scared to death to ride this far, coming together to do more collectively than they could ever do alone. This is the essence of the Together Initiative Network – taking our collective desires to reach beyond ourselves and making a stronger, more sustainable community than we could ever envision or realize on our own,” says Tim Rogers, Lead Pastor of Grace Point Church. Ruth Weirich, Engagement Specialist from the aha! Process says, “The commitment shown by the Together Initiative Ride members helps put a dent in breaking the cycle of generational poverty.  Through the Together to St. Louis ride [in 2017], other conference attendees witness[ed] the community dedication and collaboration needed to develop resources and stabilize individuals, organizations and the community.”

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