Scott Miller’s new book, Until It’s Gone: Ending Poverty in Our Nation, in Our Lifetime, is now available. Here are three reasons you’ll want to read this book:

First, you’ll learn about the Circles Campaign. The Circles Campaign is taking off like a rocket, faster than we imagined. I mention the Circles Campaign to every audience, wherever I am, and I can tell you that every community that learns about Circles wants to join the Circles Campaign.

Second, you’ll enjoy the shift in paradigms. Circles is a high-impact strategy. We’re done with strategies that, as Roger Collins of Bucks County, Pennsylvania puts it, “help people cope with poverty.” We’re done with strategies that “hold people in poverty.” It’s time to end poverty, and Circles is the best way to do that.

Third, you might get infected by Scott’s passion for ending poverty. In these times being passionate seems to entail insults, attacks, and venomous hyperbole. Scott’s approach brings us together, calls on the best in us, and yet tells us to “say goodbye to compromise.” Imagine being passionate without having to assault others.

What I like most about Scott’s book is that it’s aimed at middle class and wealthy allies, not people who are in poverty. It calls on those of us in the dominant culture to examine ourselves, make changes, and take action.

-Phil DeVol

About the Author/Consultant:  Phil DeVol, of Marengo, Ohio, has been consulting on poverty issues since 1997 and is co-author of Bridges Out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities. He works with organizations and communities to redesign programs which ensure sustainability and better serve people in poverty. Philip is the author of Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World: Building Your Resources for a Better Life, a workbook that combines Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s work on the hidden rules of class, research on knowledge transfer, and the knowledge of participants living in poverty. Philip served as director of a substance abuse treatment facility for nearly 20 years. He consults for aha! Process, Inc.