We’ve got the pony…let’s have a raffle! Bridges of Hope, Allegan County will be conducting a “pony plop” raffle at the Plainwell Days Festival being held June 1–4 in Plainwell, Michigan. On Saturday, June 3, the pony will roam a plotted, numbered area, and the square where the pony inevitably “plops” will determine the winner of the $500 raffle prize!

Our region is heavily agricultural, and a neighboring town has had success with a similar fund-raiser. We are hopeful that the unusual basis for the raffle will draw in curious participants—well, that, and the $500 prize!

Bridges of Hope, Allegan County will be executing the fund-raiser with help from volunteers and the pony’s owner, who will supervise the pony in the plotted area on the afternoon of the drawing. Proceeds will benefit our nonprofit organization, which works to end generational poverty in Allegan County.

Lately we’ve been especially happy with the outcomes of our Staying Ahead efforts. The Staying Ahead program is designed to help individuals who have completed the Getting Ahead or R Rules workshops continue down the path to sustainability and self-sufficiency. We offer ongoing encouragement, as well as mentoring and educational presentations on finances and other topics. Numerous Staying Ahead activities have taken place this year, including cooking classes, mentoring, and more.

Thank you to the hardworking volunteers who make all our programs possible and to everyone contributing to our on-going Pony Plop Raffle fundraiser! We’ll see you at Plainwell Days!

Bridges of Hope, Allegan County – Raffle License # X95437

Jenifer Mitchell is an administrative assistant with Bridges of Hope, Allegan County.