Race Against Poverty, a citywide scavenger hunt, is set to take place May 6 in Watertown, New York. A group of community leaders is rallying support for Getting Ahead through this exciting, innovative fund-raising event. The race will be followed by a community party featuring live music and entertainment, food vendors, beverages, a silent auction, and raffles.

Race Against Poverty is generating quite a buzz around town, gaining support from numerous local businesses, getting attention from local media (click here for video), and putting Getting Ahead on the map in a big way!

flyer for watertown new york event

The Jefferson Leadership Institute, a leadership development program sponsored by the Watertown Chamber of Commerce, is hosting the event. And as if that weren’t enough, members of the Jefferson Leadership Institute Class of 2017 are seeking other ways to champion Getting Ahead. With just two weeks left before the big event, the group is planning to host a meal for Getting Ahead investigators.

Getting Ahead is new to Watertown, with the area’s very first group currently underway. Community Action Planning Council, Watertown Urban Mission, and the Volunteer Transportation Center are working together to host Getting Ahead. Thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson Leadership Institute, there will be many more Getting Ahead workshops to come!

Dawn Cole, CCAP, NCRT, is the deputy director and comptroller of the Community Action Planning Council of Watertown, New York.