Dear Getting Ahead facilitators and sponsors,

Together we can tell the story of the Bridges and Getting Ahead movement with numbers that speak to supporters, funders, and other community leaders—but we need your help! It’s crucial that you enter follow-up data as soon as possible.

On June 30 CharityTracker will run the national and state biannual reports tracking the growth from baseline to the latest follow-up from Getting Ahead graduates. This is the perfect opportunity for you to see and celebrate the growth in the areas of stability, resources, and the financial return on investment.

Please work with your Getting Ahead graduates to enter the follow-up information into CharityTracker immediately. Without the follow-up data, the preliminary numbers paint only half the picture. It is the differences between the baseline and the follow-up numbers that really tell the story of the Bridges and Getting Ahead movement.

Thanks for all your hard work,

Philip DeVol