The Conundrum of Poverty

September 27, 2013 Published by

By Chuck Holt

Today I attended a poverty workshop in our county called “The Conundrum of Poverty.” It was designed for pastors, church people and faith-based organizations. I was invited to be on a panel discussion for one of the sessions.

I quickly realized that the information being shared and discussed was going to make me frustrated. Other panel members referred to poverty as a financial issue and the general feeling I got was “us vs. them” and “How do we change people in poverty?” and “How do we keep them from taking advantage of us?”

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At first I was frustrated, but then I realized something. Most of them are where I was five years ago before I met the folks with aha! Process and gained the building constructs and information in the Bridges workshop. Therefore, I spent my time on the panel just basically quoting the Bridges constructs and some of the other famous quotes like: “No significant learning takes place outside of significant relationships” and “We need relationships of mutual respect” and “We need to stop changing and empowering folks and see those in poverty as part of the solution.”

I left encouraged because I know that I am part of something with aha! Process that really understands the issues of poverty.

Thanks to all of you for what you do and the time you spend in your jobs. You are making a difference by empowering folks like me to make a difference.

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