Testimonials for Ruby Payne’s book, ‘Emotional Poverty’

Check out these amazing testimonials from readers of the newest book from Ruby Payne, Emotional Poverty.


Being a Dreamer, I can relate to some of the chapters in the book. The fear, being belittled, the shame. Even as a U.S. citizen now, I get anxiety for things people do and say about immigrants. This book will be my guide as a teacher, to remind me of events I went through and to enlighten me with ways I can help shape my students going through certain emotions. Some might be similar, but no story is the same.

–Diana Sosa

I really feel like emotional poverty is going to bring about a lot of change pertaining to student-teacher relationships. Our country has been in a downward spiral for quite some time now, and some of our domestic issues have stemmed from the ignored or silenced outcry of our youth. Just me sharing my testimony pertaining to the book has helped bring about healing in certain areas from the mere act of verbal expression.

–Shane Collins

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Want to share your stories and experiences with emotional resources? If you are a teacher, how do you use strategies from Emotional Poverty in your classroom?