From Oregon to South Carolina, teachers everywhere are overworked in overcrowded classrooms, and they’re desperate for change. Some are so desperate they’re leaving their jobs, either temporarily to demand changes or for good, because they simply can’t even.

In Oregon, a teacher walkout caused 600 schools to close. Why? Did they want a raise? No. They were protesting enormous class sizes—some classes had more than 50 students—and a lack of nurses, mental health counselors, and other support staff.

Other teachers are leaving the profession permanently. South Carolina elementary teacher Sariah McCall left her job because lack of resources made it overwhelming. “It was just everything all together. I just couldn’t take it anymore…It was, ‘do more with less time, do more with less money.’ And all the school shootings added the element of stress on a job where you never expected that to be your reality,” McCall says in this article from

Teacher turnover is a real problem. According to one report, 90% of open teaching positions are open because a teacher left—and most of those teachers are not retiring. Maybe you know a teacher who is fed up. Maybe you are a teacher who is fed up. Before You Quit Teaching can help. And best of all? It’s free.

Bestselling author Ruby Payne, Ph.D. was once where you are now. Her insights and solutions are at once personal and professional, and they will help guide you to the knowledge, resources, and mindset you need to create a future story of success and satisfaction.

You’ll learn to:

  • Find hope when all seems hopeless
  • Understand the value you bring and the value you get
  • See through the myths that mask stressors and obstacles
  • Avoid classroom and professional drama
  • Self-assess against rubrics for expertise
  • Deal with difficult principals, and “manage up”
  • Understand and plan for classroom procedures and testing schedules
  • And so much more!

Why should you keep teaching? Let Dr. Payne show you what’s missing. Now is the time to rediscover your passion and evolve into the teacher your students need.