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Diagnosis: Poverty book cover

New book ‘treats’ poverty with model based on medical service delivery

November 1, 2016 Published by

Poverty is not a character flaw; it is a condition that requires treatment. Poverty has reached epidemic proportions, and the current U.S. system for addressing it is disjointed, unscientific, and unsustainable—in fact, it isn’t really a system at all. In an “industry” of good intentions, stigma and benign neglect rather…


Workplace Stability: New release applies Bridges in the business sector

June 17, 2016 Published by

Many Bridges Out of Poverty certified trainers have asked about using the Bridges constructs in the business sector. Workplace Stability, a new release from aha! Process, shares strategies businesses can use to provide low-cost employee benefits and build corporate stability. Susan Chrisman, a McDonald’s franchisee with multiple locations, calls it…

When water becomes unavailable, people in poverty are hardest hit

May 20, 2016 Published by

@rubyKpayne Corpus Christi, Texas, a city of a little over 300,000 people along the Gulf Coast, has a “boil water” advisory in effect. What that means is that the city water is not safe to drink. Why? Because the city management and city council failed to put adequate chlorine in…

Once you have “arrived,” will you stay there?

March 19, 2016 Published by

@rubyKpayne All of our lives our resources bases increase and decrease—depending upon external and internal realities. So we may move from emotional wealth to emotional poverty (as I did during my divorce a decade ago), or we may move from financial poverty to wealth … and back and forth. Daniel…

What is it about poverty that turns young boys into jobless men?

February 13, 2016 Published by

@rubyKpayne In a recent article for the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, Emily Badger and Christopher Ingraham state the following: “Girls who grow up in poor families are more likely than the boys who grow up with them to work as adults.” “The reversed gender gap also appears only among poor children…

Why doesn’t Ruby Payne say more about race when she talks about poverty?

February 6, 2016 Published by

@rubyKpayne Critics are sometimes bothered that I discuss economic diversity and class without saying much about racial or cultural diversity. In some circles I have even been labeled a racist because I seldom discuss race. Yet, among those same critics, racial and cultural diversity tend to be the focus to…

Breaking the cycle of poverty: What can teachers do? (Part I)

August 13, 2015 Published by

Poverty exists in all countries around the world, but in the richest country on earth, why is there so little progress in breaking the cycle? Most people agree that education is the primary route out of poverty, but standardized test scores show too many students are failing in our schools.…