Addressing the Challenges of Poverty national conference presentation spotlight

This breakout session will provide four easy steps that Bridges communities can implement to see true economic impact and future sustainability. Learn how building social capital through community involvement will better serve under-resourced families while simultaneously bringing new depth and meaning to donors. Walk through the process  that Bartlesville, Oklahoma, uses to improve com- munity sustainability and donor involvement.

Learning objectives include:

  • Learn how using metrics improves funding streams.
  • Hear about a sustainability plan to grow your Bridges initiative while working shoulder to shoulder with all community sectors.
  • Gain tips and strategies from a seasoned Bridges Community.
  • Discuss options for funding streams.

Target audience: Bridges communities and those interested in building Bridges communities

Presenter: Gina Elias CEO, Building Bridges of Oklahoma

Time/Location: Monday, September 24, Addressing the Challenges of Poverty national conference, Atlanta, Georgia