Ruby Payne spoke to the annual Superintendent’s Summit in Bay County, Florida, recently. During the presentation, Payne touched on issues of school safety, the emotional well-being of students and teachers, and the various economic classes present in different schools and districts.

“To see her in person has been really exciting. It’s like seeing a celebrity,” said Hiland Park Principal Ilea Faircloth.

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The event was also covered by The Panama City News Herald. Answer a quick survey there to view the content of that article.

If you’re interested in seeing Ruby Payne live, you’re in luck! She has many upcoming live appearances where participants spend an entire day reviewing strategies from her book Emotional Poverty. This book really helps with school safety by giving teachers immediate tools to address their student’s well-being—and their own!

Ruby Payne’s latest book, Before You Quit Teaching: Tools, Resources, and Hope for New Teachers in High-Poverty Classrooms, is available free! We’ve published it on Facebook and Instagram, there’s a web-based version, and there’s an EPUB ebook and a PDF. There’s no reason not to check it out. Tell your colleagues!