Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students: A fresh look at the influence of economic class on teaching and learning in higher education – Book

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  • Author: Karen A. Becker, Ph.D., Karla M. Krodel, MBA, Bethanie H. Tucker, Ed.D., Foreword, by Mike Theall, Ph.D.
  • ISBN: 978-1-934583-33-3

This book is a powerful tool for improving higher education retention and graduation rates. It’s the first book of its kind to provide postsecondary educators, administrators, and student support services personnel with a comprehensive and focused look at both the needs of students and strategies for their success.

Readers will learn to: 

– Recognize the impact of economic class on student preparedness and educational success
– Build on students’ existing resources, experiences, and abilities 
– Improve effectiveness through curriculum design and programming 
– Ensure academic success for the vast majority of those who enter college 
– Partner with communities and businesses to support academic progress

USA Book News Awards Finalist
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