Diagnosis: Poverty: A new approach for understanding and treating an epidemic – Book

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  • Author: Marcella Wilson, PhD
  • ISBN: 978-1-938248-76-4

Poverty has reached epidemic proportions, and the current U.S. system for addressing it is disjointed, unscientific, and unsustainable. By approaching poverty as a “condition” that can be best treated by proper assessment, standards of care, and quality-control measures, Marcella Wilson, PhD, is overturning decades of well-intentioned but ineffective remedies.

In her new book, Diagnosis: Poverty, she calls for nothing less than a scalable, sustainable, national standard of care to treat the condition of poverty that requires verifiable and accountable coordination among human services, healthcare, education, and government programs. Of note to decision makers is the fact that this new paradigm is achievable based on current resources and expenditures.

Dr. Wilson’s standard-of-care model, Transition To Success, is currently being integrated and evaluated across the country, serving thousands living in poverty and establishing initial, statistically significant outcomes. Her work has been showcased by the CBS Evening News, The New York Times, and recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative.

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