What People Are Saying

Praise for Workplace Stability

After implementing Workplace Stability concepts, our 90-day turnover dropped by 5% and our turnover, when compared to the national average, was 27% less.

–Susan Chrisman, Franchise Owner, Multiple McDonald’s Locations

Real-life examples of the impact of poverty in the U.S. workplace. If we stabilize our workforce, we will have stronger companies with revenue for expansiona win-win for everyone.

–Judy Byrnes, Former District Manager, Sears Commercial

It’s realistic, avoids controversial workplace/employer flashpoints, and handles the employer’s point of view elegantly while balancing the needs of the employee and employer.

–Philip DeVol, Author, Getting Ahead in the Workplace

I am very excited about the release of this book! As a Bridges certified trainer who sits on the workforce development committee, we need this for our community! We have companies with lines shut down because they do not have a healthy workforce.

–Carol Steegman, Bridges Coordinator, Hope House

Specifically written for employers and extremely helpful for anyone concerned about ROI and employee retention.

–Gilda Shelby, Job Placement and Retention Specialist, HopeWorks

This book is a valuable addition to the literature for executives and managers who aspire to create an engaged and productive workforce. As a former executive at a nonprofit with a diverse staff, I would have welcomed the insights and guidance Weirich shares here.

–Yvonne Forman, Former Executive Director, PAX – Program of Academic Exchange

With Workplace Stability I realized many successful managers are fortunate to come from stable environments but overlook the impact of unstable environments on employees. This book helps create a foundation of stability not only for employees but for organizations as well.

–Kevin McKiernan, Director of Strategic Relationships, MBS Textbook Exchange

Cascade Engineering leveraged aha! Process solutions in their Welfare to Work program. The goal was to reduce the cost of turnover of entry-level employees. Year one turnover dropped from 63% to 3%, saving over $3 million in hiring and training costs.

–Cascade Engineering, Grand Rapids, MI

The 2016 annual report from the Schenectady Area and Capital Region Employer Resource Network, a member of the national ERN-USA, indicates an average ROI of 231% with an average retention rate of 89% across 20 employers from various sectors.