Foundational Program

This foundational program of workshops provides your organization with in-depth information for understanding class differences plus hands-on strategies you can use immediately to improve student achievement and learn how to improve test scores. These workshops are especially effective for Title I schools, schools with under-resourced students, and schools concerned about their achievement gap.

Our foundational workshops are presented at your site by our consultant, customized to your needs and timeframe. This introductory program typically includes three offerings and begins with A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Research-Based Strategies. The third offering is a choice of systemic application using Raising Achievement with 9 Systemic Processes, or Framework Trainer Certification, which allows your trainer(s) to present the material to your entire organization.


Public/Online Events:


Academic coaching is available. It is the follow-up and support provided to teachers to assist them in embedding the concepts, strategies, and processes into their practice.

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