Margaret (Peggy) Black

PeggyBlackWho is Peggy? 

Margaret (Peggy) Black is the director of the Center for Diverse Student Learning. Concentrating on integrating service delivery models with an emphasis on English language learner programs, Peggy works with schools to increase the efficiency of special education and ELL services for sustained growth in student learning. Influencing effective teaching for the 21st century is the core of her consulting and professional development.


Peggy’s credentials


  • M.S., Curriculum and Instruction, National Louis University
  • B.S., Education, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Work history

  • Director of Center for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students, CESA 6, Wisconsin
  • Director of Learning and Assessment Center, CESA 6, Wisconsin
  • Educational Outreach Director, State of Wisconsin
  • Adjunct Faculty, Viterbo University, Marian College, University of Wyoming, and Edgewood College.


  • Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time, 2012

Peggy’s aha! moment

As a practitioner, I appreciate practical. When I met Ruby for the first time more than 12 years ago, I knew, without a doubt, that she had practical information that the 42 school districts I was working with needed to hear. Listening to her teach about patterns of behavior made me say, “Aha!”

Peggy’s passions?

My passion is children and making sure that school is a stimulating, nurturing, and safe place for them. Whatever I can do to make a child’s life better is what I am all about. I hope that does not sound too cliché, but that truly is my passion.

Peggy’s best training

While working with a group of teachers in Los Angeles, I looked around the room and began to get to know the people at my seminar. I realized that not one of us was the same. We were literally each from a different country… not county—country. That said, we all came together on Framework to say a collective, “Aha!”

What does Peggy do for fun?

Two years ago, as I successfully raised my three children into adulthood, I decided to downsize from the house I raised my family in to a condo. As I began a new stage in life, I decided I needed a fresh start and left behind most of my wall art. I am having a great time venturing out to art shows and festivals to find meaningful art that tells a story of who I am. It’s been so fun and rewarding. Come visit, and I’ll show you what my walls say about me.

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