Casey Creghan

CaseyCreghanWho is Casey?

Casey Creghan, Ed.D. of Texas, has been a professional educator since 1986. He has served in a number of teaching and leadership positions across the state of Texas. Currently he serves as a professor at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. He provides training and consulting services for A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Research-Based Strategies, and Science consulting. Casey has been with aha! Process since 2011.


Casey’s Credentials


  • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Lamar University
  • Master of Education, Texas State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Texas State University

Work history

  • Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Sam Houston State University
  • Dean, STEM academy
  • Principal of an exemplary high school
  • Teacher, counselor, and coach

Casey’s aha! moment

I officially joined the aha! Process team after having dinner with Ruby and a handful of consultants in New Mexico. On the walk back to the hotel, I had the honor of visiting with Ruby about my life and the impact that poverty played. I just thought, “What an honor to be working for such an incredible organization.”

Casey’s passions?

Teaching, project-based learning, and helping to make a difference in the lives of others. I love sharing with my university students the passion that this job calls for. Watching new teachers hit the schools with excitement and passion is very rewarding.

Casey’s best training

My favorite moment came when I was conducting training in Pennsylvania. The flight was delayed because of weather, so I had to fly to Ohio and rent a car. I drove all night and got to the hotel in time to shower for the presentation. The light bulb on the projector burned out two minutes into the workshop. Everything seemed to be going wrong … on the outside. I delivered the workshop and headed to the airport, wondering if all of the tangibles would have made the workshop more effective. As I sat waiting on the plane, I received an email from one of the participants. She said, “I am glad you had to work through all of the issues you faced to deliver the workshop today. You see, teaching is just like that. We have to constantly rework plans and ideas to make an impact on our students. But the rewards of influencing students and making an impact are so precious. Today was the best training I have ever attended.” Thank you, Sharron, for teaching me while I was trying to teach you.

What does Casey do for fun?

I love to play golf, hike, and travel. I love meeting people from different backgrounds and exploring the world.

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