Launching Investigations

Take the first steps toward enhanced retention and completion for under-resourced college students.

Investigations  is a one-of-a-kind curriculum that has a unique purpose: To provide a means of understanding oneself, individuals, and society through the lens of economic class.

It develops cognitive skills and other resources that enable students to experience college success and envision a new future story. Investigations provides the missing link, enabling students to transfer their life experience to the college campus, and it provides a “Rosetta stone,” teaching  students to translate, at times literally, based on the needs of the setting.

How does Investigations fit into your college? Here are the first things you need to know: Investigations is designed for a three-credit course structure, three hours per week for 15 weeks. And, Investigations has the flexibility to fit into your college’s curriculum in a variety of ways:

  • A non-credit “bridge” course as part of programs to prepare students for postsecondary education.
  • A credit-bearing course in such disciplines as sociology, political science, social work, health professions, and education.
  • The context for other courses—such as for orientation courses, for teaching college success and study skills, or as the context for English composition assignments at the developmental or credit level.
  • The centerpiece of a learning community model that includes a developmental writing course, which coordinates writing assignments with Investigations. Cohort programs include additional entry-level courses, such as Introduction to Sociology or U.S. Government, which allow students to see the interconnectedness of the courses required for degrees.

For sample course descriptions, syllabi, and schedules, click on Resources or see the appendices of the Facilitator Notes for Investigations into Economic Class in America.

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