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Boost retention and completion with College Achievement Alliance’s easy-to-implement, high-impact professional development. Our workshops have proven results and help build relationships of mutual respect, improve pedagogy and student achievement, remove the barriers that prevent under-resourced students from succeeding, and much more. We tailor our workshops to your needs and timeframe and bring them to your campus at a time that’s right for you.

For more information, or to schedule a workshop at your location, please call us at (800) 424-9484, or request information online.

CAA100 – Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students

More under-resourced students than ever before are going to college, but colleges and universities sometimes fail to recognize their unique strengths and challenges. College culture needs students to conform to standards of behavior and academic...

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CAA102 – Ready for College, Ready for Careers

Students must prepare for college and careers long before setting foot on campus or interviewing for their first job. Advance preparation can make the difference between success and failure beyond high school—especially for students who are...

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CAA105 – College Retention and Engagement: A Systems Approach

Colleges and universities struggle with retention and graduation rates, especially for under-resourced and first-generation students. Nationally just one third of under-resourced students achieve a postsecondary certificate or degree within six years of enrolling. Six years...

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CAA200 – Investigations into Economic Class in America

More students from poverty seek postsecondary education every year, but a mere 33% achieve a degree or certificate within six years of enrolling. This workshop prepares facilitators of Investigations into Economic Class in America, a...

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CAA205 – How to Motivate Students to Increase Performance

Human beings are born with intrinsic motivation. But our natural tendency to seek out challenges and opportunities to learn operates robustly only under certain conditions. Participants will develop a clear understanding of motivation theory and...

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CAA210 – Principles of Effective Pedagogy in the Classroom and on Campus

Many who teach in higher education are experts in their fields, but teaching effectiveness requires subject knowledge and teaching skills. Expertise is just one critical component. What is the other critical component? Pedagogical ability. Many...

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CAA400 – Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting for higher education is tailored to the needs of your institution. Help faculty and staff serve under-resourced college students more effectively. With the guidance of an aha! Process consultant, participants develop four streams...

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CAA500 – Trainer Certification

Under-resourced students in higher education are problem solvers with ideas that move the needle in the right direction. How can faculty, staff, and administrators better understand under-resourced student views and implement responses? This workshop prepares...

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FW375 – Motivation: How to Motivate Students to Increase Performance

All people are born with intrinsic motivation and a natural tendency to seek challenges and opportunities to learn. This tendency operates robustly—under certain conditions. Explore the conditions that encourage intrinsic motivation to grow and thrive. Participants...

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