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aha! Process’s workshops help you meet the demands of the contemporary healthcare environment for quality care at lower cost and for a healthier community. These strategies are easy to implement, high impact, thorough, and have proven results that will show you how you can work more effectively with patients and citizens from all economic classes.

Workshops can be tailored to your organization’s particular needs and timeframe.

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B105 – Bridges Out of Poverty: Applying Bridges Concepts

English This workshop is designed to take the constructs introduced in the Bridges Out of Poverty workshop and help participants begin embedding them. Participants will learn more about: Language experience, cognitive issues, and barriers to change...

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B310 – Hidden Rules of Class at Work

In order to work effectively with low-wage and entry-level workers, supervisors and managers must understand the motivations of people coming from the environment of poverty. Reduce turnover, increase productivity, and assess employee strengths to build resources...

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B400 – Strategic Consulting

You’ve been trained in Bridges in Out of Poverty. Now what? Bring stakeholders to the table with an experienced consultant to determine your next steps. You and the consultant will plan an agenda for the...

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B500 – Trainer Certification

Want to present the Bridges Out of Poverty material to people in your organization? Prepare with in-depth work on the Bridges Out of Poverty and Applying Bridges Concepts seminars. Includes comprehensive research and training materials....

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Bridges Across Every Divide

Without a common language and an accurate understanding of poverty, there is little hope of developing a comprehensive approach to such a complex problem. Bridges Across Every Divide offers up both a common language and...

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BU210 – Getting Ahead in the Workplace: Facilitator Training

People sometimes feel trapped in poverty because employment is unsteady and promotion into a living-wage job is just out of reach. Getting Ahead in the Workplace is a path to stable employment based on community and...

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BU400 – Strategic Consulting

You’ve been trained in Workplace Stability. Now what? Bring your executive team to the table with an experienced consultant to determine your next steps. You and the consultant will plan an agenda for the strategic...

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HH303 – Bridges to Health and Healthcare

Health issues are prevalent in poverty and result in huge costs for communities, states, and the nation. How can providers examine the cost of living in poverty to improve healthcare initiatives? This continuum of policy and...

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HH500 – Bridges to Health and Healthcare Two-Year Trainer Certification

Economic class is one of the biggest predictors of health outcomes. How can we adapt Bridges Out of Poverty concepts to improve health and healthcare for people in poverty? This trainer certification is for health...

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