Reports from the Field

  • GO-1st-ClassLittle Rock AR graduates the “First Getting Ahead while Getting Out” class in the world! Pam Ferguson reports on what is the first class to graduate out of Getting Out other than the groups run by co-authors Mitch Libster and Michelle Wood as the workbook was being developed and tested. See testimonials below!


The material in this book was very helpful and informational but the main thing that I enjoyed was that it was relatable. Every one of us are going to face these struggles upon getting out, but if we apply these things to our life, especially the hidden rules, we can get ahead, stay ahead, and STAY OUT!

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide – Shelby Summers


The material was very helpful. I did not realize the Hidden Rules of Economic Class. Going through this class has given me confidence that I did not have before. The letter of explanation about felony convictions was very inspiring and something I used to create my own. This class has given hope to a forgotten group of people.  

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide –  Brittany Gibson


The whole course has opened new doors for me, but building the Mental Models of my life showed me some things that I did not know about what was going on in the world.   

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide – Michael A. Smith


The Getting Ahead While Getting Out curriculum has played a “huge”, positive role in helping me realize WHY I am where I am in my life, and then helped me prepare a plan to better my life in the future. I especially appreciated the last module 11 – making my plans for re-entry, SMART goals, 72-hour plans… without these I fear I would have not been able or had the tools to be successful upon release. I am very thankful and feel blessed to have participated in this class.  

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide – Valerie Baker


I thought the material was very helpful. It helped me develop a plan for my life. It gave me the steps I need to take in order to build my lowest resources. I will be forever grateful for being afforded the opportunity of taking this class! It has made me more aware and able to develop a vision for my future. 

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide –  Haley Cheramie


The material in the Getting Ahead While Getting Out class was eye opening to say the least. From looking at our mental models of poverty and wealth, I got to step outside the box and see that I wasn’t in the category I thought I was. Doing these exercises with a group really broadened my perspective. It reinforced the necessity of making plans for release, but more importantly the importance of going into detail about HOW you will achieve your goals. This class was AWESOME!!!!

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide – Robert Snyder


This material, Getting Ahead While Getting Out, is amazing. I learned so many things during this class, from the tyranny of the moment to the hidden rules of economic classes. I would love to be a facilitator of GA in the future.  I truly believe that my community could benefit greatly from this.

– Getting Out Graduate of the 1st Class Worldwide – Brandi Fritts