The Getting Ahead while Getting Out workbook and the accompanying User’s Guide are the foundational elements of a complete reentry model for citizens returning to the community from incarceration.

The Workbook is used by soon-to-be released offenders, working in groups of twelve with a Certified Facilitator. They meet once or twice a week for twenty sessions to investigate the impact that incarceration and poverty have had on them and their community. They do a deep analysis of their lives and the community conditions that led to the incarceration.

By exploring new information and doing a self-assessment, they build future stories for themselves. The adult learning experience is agenda-free, allowing the returning citizens to take charge of their lives and build a Getting Ahead Reentry Plan that will help them contribute to positive changes in their families and community.

The Purpose of the Getting Ahead while Getting Out Reentry Model: To provide citizens returning from incarceration and their families a comprehensive, community- and relationship-based approach to reentry that begins in pre-release and follows through with long-term support.

Getting-Out-User-Guide-FrontThe Goal: To engage incarcerated person, their families, volunteers, community organizations, and people in corrections as problem solvers who work shoulder to shoulder to create communities where everyone can live well.

Additional books and training to support the Getting Ahead while Getting Out Reentry Model:

  • Certified Facilitator training in-person and online
  • Bridges Out of Poverty book and training for community partners
  • Tactical Communications book and training for partners in corrections
  • Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World workbook (and forerunner to Getting Ahead while Getting Out) for families of those who are incarcerated
  • The R Rules book for children of returning citizens