Ongoing Support

Significant changes don’t happen overnight. That’s why aha! Process offers our clients ongoing support to help you create embedded change and lasting success.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting for Criminal Justice is tailored to the needs of the particular organization or community initiative and designed to help guide criminal justice professionals to more effectively serve under-resourced individuals, resulting in better outcomes, lower costs, and a more sustainable community. One or more of our experienced national consultants guides participants through an analysis of current policies, procedures, and desired results to develop new strategies and a plan for change, and to ensure the plan is implemented and outcomes measured.

Community of Practice

We are developing a robust community of practice centered around the criminal justice sector use of our constructs and strategies. Join us for complimentary teleseminars and teleconferences where you’ll hear from practitioners about their experiences using Bridges Out of Poverty Justice for All—and you’ll have an opportunity to share your best practices!

To join the Criminal Justice Community of Practice, email

Other Support

We strive to provide continual support through our free monthly newsletter, Facebook page, and Pinterest page. Helpful articles, products, and information are provided regularly.

For more information or to book ongoing support, please contact us, or call us at (800) 424-9484.