For more than 10 years our client organizations and communities across the world have helped thousands of people from poverty build resources for a better life through Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World workshops. Thank you to our clients, facilitators, and especially to our Getting Ahead graduates, who can best attest to the effectiveness of the Getting Ahead program.

“Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re stuck because it has become a way of life … it’s normal! I was afraid to step outside the box, to become unstuck. There were untapped resources within the community that I hadn’t realized before. The Getting Ahead course helped me to realize that I wasn’t stuck and that there was hope for me.”

Lori Whaley
Getting Ahead graduate and board member
St. Joseph  (IN) Bridges Out of Poverty

“Getting Ahead is all about choice and relationships. It gives the participants the opportunity to choose for themselves what they will do with the information presented. Getting Ahead provides an atmosphere that encourages the development of relationships that support and help participants get ahead.”

Dawn Close
Getting Ahead graduate and facilitator
Dubuque, IA

“The most important lesson that we had to learn [in Getting Ahead] was about resources that we could gain. Through my own self-discovery, I was much richer in resources than I knew. I just was not taking advantage of them. Knowing where I am strong and where I am weak has helped me to prioritize my long- and short-term goals.”

Justin Taylor
Getting Ahead graduate
Schenectady, NY

“When I began Getting Ahead, my wife and I were separated. Family and Child Services had taken our three children from us because our home was a mess. They placed the kids with their grandparents. I couldn’t keep a job. I usually couldn’t concentrate when our groups began because I was too caught up in all of my problems. I also wondered how is it possible to learn anything when no one is telling us what to do? Yet every Tuesday someone comments, ”Isn’t it amazing how much we learned!” Now my wife is back home. She wants to join the next Getting Ahead group at the church in the fall.”

Getting Ahead investigator
Billings, MT

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