Solutions for and by Graduates

Completing Getting Ahead is just the start of the journey for graduates. Supportive communities remove barriers to transitioning from poverty, help Getting Ahead graduates build resources, and prepare them to take a place at the table where community decisions are made. Graduates respond by applying their time, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities to community challenges.

Click on the links below to learn how Getting Ahead graduates and their communities link arms to solve problems of poverty.

To read what it is like to go through the Getting Ahead program, click on Investigator Input and Stories.

Questions about how your community can leverage the talents of Getting Ahead graduates? Call us at (800) 424-9484, or send us an e-mail.

Helping Graduates Take a Place at the Decision-Making Table

  • Duluth, MN: Community Action Duluth’s Community Engagement Strategy offers a Getting Ahead program described as a 20-session interactive leadership development program for low-income people. Investigators are single mothers, the majority of whom are people of color. In addition, Community Action Duluth convenes workshops to educate middle class allies about the impact of systemic class and structural racism. Last and most important, they host a monthly community forum called Big View that incorporates a quarterly presentation called Solutions to End Poverty. Their strategy is designed to bring people together across race and class lines to advance equity, fairness and openness while addressing concerns that impact people who live in poverty
  • Syracuse, NY: One of the unique features of Getting Ahead is that we help people in poverty get to the decision making tables in our communities. Angela Douglas of Onondaga County Bridges Coalition offers these tips for facilitators and sponsors.

Reducing Financial Barriers

  • St. Joseph County, IN: Micro-loans for Getting Ahead Graduates. St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty in partnership with Lake City Bank offers a financial management class to Getting Ahead graduates that can lead to a micro-loan of up to $900, two credit lines, and a good credit repayment history.

Addressing Transportation Issues

  • Panama City, FL: Getting Ahead Transport, Inc. overcomes the transportation barrier in Panama City. Getting Ahead Transport, Inc. became incorporated on June 22, 2012. The goal of this new 501c3 is to provide no cost/low cost transportation for Bay County residents to and from employment and educational destinations.
  • Columbus, OH: Car donation program helps low-income individuals acquire personal transportation. Click below for description, process, and forms.
  • St. Joseph County, IN: Getting Ahead graduates and Bridges Steering Committee members analyze transportation barriers.  In monthly networking meetings, Getting Ahead graduates and allies from the community investigate transportation issues using these forms and questions.

Moving to Home Ownership

Solutions for Multiple Issues

  • Escambia County, FL: Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 6. Topics include personal stories, youth initiatives, Circles Campaign, workplace workshops, upcoming events, report from the exploitation committee and “stepping up” stories.