K-12 Schools

K-12 schools can use Getting Ahead as a parent engagement tool. While Getting Ahead is agenda-free and investigators are encouraged to follow their dreams, workshops for parents can benefit school-age children by helping stabilize the family environment and build resources. They also may benefit the schools and community by creating a cadre of parent-leaders who can participate on decision-making boards and serve as role models for other parents.

Schools may use Title I funds to sponsor and fund their own Getting ahead groups, or they may be able to refer parents to Getting Ahead groups in the community.

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Tips for using Getting Ahead for K-12 parents: Read about getting started, conducting a Getting Ahead group, following up with parents, potential outcomes, and support.

Grandview Heights Elementary School, Memphis, TN:  Johnnie M. Hatten provides a brief description of her school’s Getting Ahead group, the outcomes, and the impact by the parents.

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